Accuhorsemat - the acupressure blanket for horses!

Increases bloodcirculation
Better performance
Prevents muscular disorders
Prevents muscle soreness
Prevents tense muscles
Faster Recovery
Total relaxation
Increases moveability


Acuswedemat – the acupressure mat for you

If you are an active person you know that certain muscles – for example in your lower back, shoulders and neck – get a lot of wear and tear. Also if you have a job where you sit still in front of your computer too long, the same muscles will be stressed. And if you're stressed the body often reacts with tense muscles. The Acuswedemat is a perfect tool to wind down, relax and ease pain. The Acuswedemat both prevents and relieve pain and tension.

Our Profile rider

Our profile rider Louise Svensson-Jähde's (Eventing rider) view on her horses well being, is very close to our vision to make every horse feel good which leads to better performance. A happy and healthy horse is the foundation for success.

Louise Svensson-Jähde is one of Sweden's most promising eventing riders. She rides for the Swedish Eventing National Team and is also part of the Olympic Committee's Top & Talent program in Sweden aiming for the Olympics 2020.
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The Thermography study shows fantastic results!

Infrared image - beforeInfrared image - after
Before After

The Accuhorsemat thermography study confirms the effects that many elite riders in Scandinavia and in Europe have had using Accuhorsemat on their horses. Or as Dr Cierra Dedeker, Peak Performance Equine, PLLC, says:

"The Accuhorsemat thermography pilot study is fascinating! It objectively delivers scientific evidence that the work being done by the product can stimulate blood flow in a short period of time. It works from a prevention, maintenance and treatment standpoint, and is an exciting tool to integrate into a performance horse's routine before and after tacking up."



CAMPAIGN 10% discount
Today starts the FEI Eventing Championships in Strzegom, Poland. Our team rider Louise Svensson-Jähde on her fantastic horse Wielochs Utah Sun, rides for the Swedish Team.
From today until Sunday 20th, we offer 10% discount on our products. Click on the link to go the shop.


Accuhorsemat is the "Product Review" on Horse Nation, a well-known horse site in the U.S. Read the article from a very pleased Accuhorsemat user and how it helped her horse to perform better.

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Interesting article about how massage and acupressure can benefit equine cervical issues.

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We are so proud to announce our cooperation with the fantastic Carolin Rutberg. Carolin is an International Para Dressage rider, level III. She and her horse Mirage have had many successes together. Read more about Carolin here.

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"Now you can buy the Accuhorsemat at Brunmåla Vet-Clinic. As the Accuhorsemat increases the blood flow and releases beneficial endorphins, it's perfect for a horse under rehabilitation as well for the healthy horse", says Caroline Brunstedt, CEO at Brunmåla.

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Accuhorsemat is now co-operating with the well known Swedish dressage rider Camilla Ivarsson. Camilla has a background both in show jumping, eventing and dressage.

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I varje Accuhorsemat-set får du med 1 st designat täcke, 1 st ländspikmatta, 2 st bogspikmattor samt en väska att förvara täcket i.
Accuhorsemat's vision is to increase horses’ well-being worldwide. With the help of elite equitherapists we have finally found the resolution: an acupressure treatment blanket for horses, Accuhorsemat®

Some of the many health benefits the Accuhorsemat®

 treatment blanket are increased blood circulation, and the production of endorphins. Accuhorsemat® releases stress and tension in the horse’s muscles and increases the horse’s well-being. 


"For horses to perform to their potential it is essential that the horses’ health and well-being in top shape. With the Accuhorsemat® the horses blood circulation increases and the musculature becomes fully relaxed. The horses really enjoy the Accuhorsemat®." Fredrik Spetz, Elite Jumper.