Accuhorsemat - the acupressure blanket for horses!

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Accuhorsemat gives your horse the best conditions for recovery and is a fantastic  tool to increase the bloodflow in a relatively short time. Increased bloodflow will among other things, make the muscles warm, supple and less tense and it also helps getting rid of waste products in the muscles after training.  It releases wellbeing endorphins which helps your horse to relax and feel good. Accuhorsemat is used both in a prevention, maintenance and treatment standpoint. 


The Thermography study shows fantastic results!

The Accuhorsemat thermography study confirms the effects that many elite riders in Scandinavia and in Europe have had using Accuhorsemat on their horses. Or as Dr Cierra Dedeker, Peak Performance Equine, PLLC, says:

"The Accuhorsemat thermography pilot study is fascinating! It objectively delivers scientific evidence that the work being done by the product can stimulate blood flow in a short period of time. It works from a prevention, maintenance and treatment standpoint, and is an exciting tool to integrate into a performance horse's routine before and after tacking up."


Infrared image - beforeInfrared image - after
Before                                                            After

Do as the Swedish toprider in dressage Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard -
Use Accuhorsemat for your horse!



Louise Svensson-Jähde, one of our upcoming Swedish Eventing Riders, uses Accuhorsemat. This is what she writes:
”I’ve used Accuhorsemat quite a long time now and I’m very pleased with the effects it has on my horses. I use the blanket every day after training to make them recover better. I also use it after travelling as I have noticed that it relaxes their muscles and that it starts the bloodcirculation much faster. My horses feel more supple and relaxed since I started using Accuhorsemat.”
Louise is also one of the three members in "RidetoRio", with the goal to ride in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Acuswede is proud to be the North American distributor of the Accuhorsemat AB products. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Acuswede is dedicated to making our company North America’s leader in delivering athlete focused, fitness accessories to our customers.
We provide innovative solutions that contribute to fitness by improving an athlete’s ability to relax and recover, as our products reduce muscle tension and improve circulation.

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We are very proud to be the sponsor of the Swana Inspection Tour in the US this year. Swana is the Swedish Warmblood Association in North America and as we are Swedish we are thrilled to have this extra focus on the Swedish Warmblood horses through the Swana Inspecton Tour. We have a great interest in a horse's wellbeing och always puts the horse's wellbeing first. We will have representatives present at all the inspection sites. Read more about Swana and the tour here

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Accuhorsemat welcomes Equipona as our new salespartner for the Benelux countries.
Equipona strives to bring out the best in your horse, both physically and mentally. From his love for horses, Vanherck Peter, founder of Equipona, started the training of shiatsu therapy on horses.

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Accuhorsemat helped the horse ”Duha”, Desert Palm Riding School in Dubai, to recover from back pain.
Duha had blood circulation problems and stiff muscles on the back. The riding school had to let him rest. We offered them to try the Accuhorsemat acupressurblanket on Duha for about a month to see if it could help him to recover.

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Read below what Accuhorsemat does to Dressage rider Dominika Krasko's Grand Prix horse:
"I've been using Accuhorsemat for a couple of months now. And I was impressed how it relaxes my very sensitive mare by Lord Loxley. She is a very talented dressage horse, but big, athletic, tense and quite a lady.

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Hillevi Brasch works together with Acuswede, our agent in North America. Hillevi has been a passionate equestrian for many years; she is a rider and a breeder with a M.Sc in Animal Science.

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Liane Wachtmeister, one of Swedish Dressage most respected profiles, about Accuhorsemat:
” I directly notice a difference when Donovan have had the Accuhorsemat rug on before riding. He get’s more relaxed and have more positive energy to work. His topline is softer and he listens better to my aids ", says Liane.

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’Fun with forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Accuhorsemat and their new product
’acupressurblanket for horses’.
It will be interesting to see what effects the blanket will have on the horses' well-being. Good initiative’, says Sylve Söderstrand, Jump Club and Head Coach for the Swedish national show jumping team.

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Royal Blue Medium (125-145 cm)
Medelstora hästar

Great news!
At our customers' request, we present Accuhorsemat in two new color combinations:
Royal Blue (Size M) and Royal Blue with golden lining (size L).

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Read about Karen Wild from hands For Horses Sweden and her experience of the Accuhorsemat!

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Read about how Clint Robinson, U.S champion calf roper, uses Accuhorsemat

I varje Accuhorsemat-set får du med 1 st designat täcke, 1 st ländspikmatta, 2 st bogspikmattor samt en väska att förvara täcket i.

Accuhorsemat's vision is to increase horses’ well-being worldwide. With the help of elite equitherapists we have finally found the resolution: an acupressure treatment blanket for horses, Accuhorsemat®

Some of the many health benefits the Accuhorsemat®

 treatment blanket are increased blood circulation, and the production of endorphins. Accuhorsemat® releases stress and tension in the horse’s muscles and increases the horse’s well-being. 


"For horses to perform to their potential it is essential that the horses’ health and well-being in top shape. With the Accuhorsemat® the horses blood circulation increases and the musculature becomes fully relaxed. The horses really enjoy the Accuhorsemat®." Fredrik Spetz, Elite Jumper.