How Accuhorsemat Works

Acupressure is an ancient treatment method for relaxation and pain relief which involves stimulating the acupuncture points along the body's energy paths – so-called meridians. 

The horse's skin and nervous system are much more sensitive than those of humans, and when 11,000 neat spikes work on the horse's acupressure points, a noticeable effect is achieved in a short time.

The Accuhorsemat acupressure blanket increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins, so your horse both relaxes and feels better. And a healthy horse will also, in the long run, perform better.

The Accuhorsemat® has acupressure mats covered with "spike rosettes" perfectly positioned over the horse's chest and haunches, which are similar to the spike mats available for people. 

Muscle Stimulation

Taut muscles mean that the horse can experience pain, overcompensate with movements that are harmful to the body, develop a shorter stride length and have impaired muscle growth. Our tests show that Accuhorsemat® makes horses calmer and relaxes the muscles, speeding up the export of waste products from the muscles.

1. Stimulation of the shoulder acupressure points

The acupressure mats on the shoulder stimulate many of the horse's meridians, including in the musculature of the front quarters. The mats can be moved to fit your particular horse.

2. Adjustable pressure

The shoulder straps make it possible to regulate the pressure on the relevant acupressure points.


3. Stimulation of the hindquarter's acupressure points

The horse's most important meridians are reached through the acupressure points in the hindquarter  area. The largest of the three acupressure mats is therefore positioned here, with the majority of the rug's total 11,000 pressure points.


4. Sensitive areas are avoided

The hips and some of the spine processes are sensitive to pressure and should not be stimulated by an acupressure rug. The Accuhorsemat avoids these completely.