Louise Svensson-Jähde

    Eventing rider Louise Svensson-Jähde is one of the top riders in Sweden.

    Louise was born and raised in Kävlinge outside Lund in southern Sweden. Her mother was an eventing rider so the choice of discipline was very natural for her, although she at first wanted to train and ride racing horses. Five years ago Louise moved to Germany to work for Peter Thomsen, multiple Championships medalist and a German National Team rider. Louise trains and compete around 10 horses and is part of the successful "The Thomsen Team”. Her top horses are Wielocks Utah Sun, mare (Limbus Cor de la Bryère) and Viva, mare (Clearway-Grundyman).

    2016 was a tough year for Louise. She had an accident during training at home and a long rehabilitation followed. Now she's back in the saddle and are aiming firstly on the European Championships in Gothenburg in 2017. But her long-term goal is the Olympics in 2020. Louise is part of the Olympic Committee's Top & Talent program for the Olympics in 2020.

     Louise is a lovely, warm and extremely professional rider. She loves her horses and what she does. And as she says: 'I'm living my dream.'