These fantastic testimonials are a result of the test we recently did.

Anki Hellman

Acuswedemat Back

It's very easy to use, good that one size fits all and you can easily shorten the belt. Good that you can change position of belt also. It's a bit difficult to wear under regular trausers but work great with tights. Good support and warming effect.

Elisabeth"Elly" Feltin

Acuswedemat Back

'I can recommend it to everyone. I didn't think it was possible, without tablets, to experience a day without pain. Before I could not sleep because I woke up from back pain. My everyday life was very limited by the pain, even when riding my horse. This is now a thing of the past.'

Helena Hummelgren Pettersson

Acuswedemat Back

It is easy to use and it stays where you put the belt. I have also put the belt with the spikes against the hips and it works great. It's easy to wear the belt under clothes.

Lena Malmsten Bäverstam

Acuswedemat Back

I'm very positive. Fairly quick a comfortable warmth is spread in my back and I also feel that I am more aware of my posture.

Sara Blomstrand

Sara Blomstrand, Professional rider and groom.

Acuswedemat Back

After a pretty short time after start using my ASM belt i got the feeling that my back wasn't that tensed that it used to be. I normally wake up in the mornings feeling really stiff but after using the belt my back feels more soft. I also feel much better after using it in the mornings, I put it on directly when i wake up, and the acupressure really starts the blood in the body. After just using it such a short time I can feel a difference. I also normally get a lot of problems after carrying heavy stuffs, cleaning the boxes in the stable and sometimes after and during riding. With using the ASM belt it's getting less, and my back feels much more relaxt and not so stiff anymore.

Verena Grasnick

Acuswedemat Back

It was quite weird at the beginning, you really have to get used to it. I tried it in nearly every situation, outside, on the writing desk, when i was cooking, and so on and so on.  I wore it about 20 min each time. It get quite warm and releases the pain really quick. Afterwards I feel so much better and relieved.