Acuswedemat – the acupressure blanket for riders

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"Acuswedemat is fantastic! It covers not just the back but also the neck and bottom and it’s much more intense than the other acupressure mats I’ve used. It’s actually rather addictive and it make’s me wind down and relax before going to sleep.”

Jeanna Högberg rides for the Swedish Dressage National Team

If you are an active horse rider, you know that certain muscles – for example in your lower back, shoulders and neck – get a lot of wear and tear. Many prominent riders therefore use Acuswedemat both to prevent and relieve pain and tension. If your shoulders and your back are tense, your ability to impact your horse correctly will suffer. Acuswedemat offers a natural and long-term solution for those who want to prevent problems with stress or pain and achieve perfect balance and flexibility.

Acupressure works as good on horses as it does on humans. Our acupressure blanket for horses, Accuhorsemat, is used by many elit riders within all disciplines. The result of our infrared camera study which was made on horses, shows with astonishing results that Accuhorsemat really works on horses as a preventive, maintenance and treatment standpoint as well as it is a perfect tool for better recovery. Acuswedemat and Accuhorsemat will help you and your horse to always perform better together.