How to use the Accuhorsemat

Royal Blue Medium (125-145 cm)
Medelstora hästarI varje Accuhorsemat-set får du med 1 st designat täcke, 1 st ländspikmatta, 2 st bogspikmattor samt en väska att förvara täcket i.

    Using an Accuhorsemat® before riding has a relaxing effect on the muscles and can calm a tense horse, which makes it possible to achieve looseness from the very beginning of the riding session. Alternatively, you can use the rug after training or competition to help your horse to recover more quickly. Using the rug for a short period before treatment by a masseur or equine therapist can help the therapist to treat the deep muscles more quickly. 


All horses are individuals and react differently to the Accuhorsemat. It is therefore important that you try it out and see how the rug works best for your own horse. We recommend that you start by laying the hindquarter's acupressure mat on your horse for a while, without the rug, to allow the horse to get used to the acupressure rosettes. If necessary, you can make light circular movements over the mat to provide a little pressure, replicating what happens when the rug is laid over the top. When your horse has become accustomed to the sensation, you can use the complete rug and gradually increase the duration of use. 

    When your horse is accustomed to the rug, we recommend that you use it for around 30-45 minutes. If you see no direct reaction, the rug is still having a positive effect as blood circulation is increased, speeding up the recovery of the musculature.


    • The acupressure pads are removable and can be detached so as not to be too close to individual horses’ sensitive areas, such as the hip and the croup. Make sure to feel with your hand that the acupressure pads are at the right place and not too close to the sensitive areas. 
    • Do not forget that if your horse has any visual wounds, rashes or similarities, that are placed on places where the acupressuremats are, do not use the Accuhorsemat® before they are healed.
    • If your horse is under medical treatment, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian before using Accuhorsemat during that period.
    • Accuhorsemat AB does not take any responsibility for the horse’s reaction or the owner’s actions when using the Accuhorsemat®. 


    1. Before the treatment it is important that the horse is restrained in the stable and constantly under surveillance. 
    2. Fit the blanket to the Velcro attachments. Attach the front clasps first, but wait to fasten the girth straps. This is to see how the horse is reacting to the acupuncture pads. If the horse looks calm, fold the hind quarter section of the blanket backwards onto the hind quarters. Fasten the girth straps, and make sure that the horse’s hair is laying down. Avoid the spine with the acupressure pads and make sure the acupressure pads are at its place under the blanket.
    3. The Velcro bands on the blanket are a bit bigger than the acupressure blanket, which enables you to reposition the acupressure pads to address the horse's needs. 
    4. Let the horse stand still with the Accuhorsemat® for 10-15 minutes and see how the horse reacts. If the horse is not calm, you can adjust the girths by loosen it or tighten it, and remove acupressure pads that may be irritating the horse. To get the process going quicker, you can gently apply light pressure with your hand where the acupressure pads arelie located. 
    5. After a few minutes you should see that the horse gives you a sleepy impression. This indicated that the horse is relaxed and is feeling good. Do not leave the horse out of sight.
    6. After 30-45 minutes the treatment should be done and the Accuhorsemat® removed. Make sure to loosen the front clasps and scroll the blanket backwards when taking it off. 


    Care Instructions

    The blanket is made out of beaver nylon and the straps are made of synthetic/cotton blend. The blanket (without the acupressure pads) can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

    The acupressure pads are made out of environmentally friendly TPE and are water resistant. The material is very hygienic and easy to rinse. After rinsing, hang them to dry. Do not tumble dry.