Jessica Brattig

10 January 2019

Accuhorsemat expands into Germany.

We are very happy to announce that we now have Jessica Brattig in our team. Jessica is based in Hamburg, Germany.
Jessica will be our Sales & Marketing Representative for Germany and she has a lot of experience in equestrian products for the German market.

Welcome to the Accuhorsemat team, Jessica!

Hind quarter mat

9 October 2018

NEWS! Now you can buy only the Accuhorsemat hind quarter mat for only 89€ in our webshop. Use it daily on your horse and put a blanket over it for a little more pressure.

Accuhorsemat video

9 October 2018

The acupressure blanket that helps your horse relax and recover. Click on the link to see our new video.

Justyna Przełączkowska

9 July 2018


We are very happy to announce that we have our first reseller in Poland - FizjoFit Animal and Justyna Przełączkowska. Justyna is a physiotherapist and works both on horses and dogs.
We are really looking forward to start this cooperation with FizjoFit Animal.

Nicolas blogg

6 September 2017

Fantastic reading about Accuhorsemat on Nicola Baur-Rona's blogg.
Nicola is one of our team riders and she uses both Accuhorsemat and Acuswedemat.

Horse Nation

20 July 2017

Accuhorsemat is the "Product Review" on Horse Nation, a well-known horse site in the U.S. Read the article from a very pleased Accuhorsemat user and how it helped her horse to perform better.

Acupressure and massage benefits

16 February 2017

Interesting article about how massage and acupressure can benefit equine cervical issues.

Carolin Rutberg

9 December 2016

We are so proud to announce our cooperation with the fantastic Carolin Rutberg. Carolin is an International Para Dressage rider, level III. She and her horse Mirage have had many successes together. Read more about Carolin here.


8 November 2016


"Now you can buy the Accuhorsemat at Brunmåla Vet-Clinic. As the Accuhorsemat increases the blood flow and releases beneficial endorphins, it's perfect for a horse under rehabilitation as well for the healthy horse", says Caroline Brunstedt, CEO at Brunmåla.

Todd Minikus (USA)

10 May 2016

Look at this great testimonial video from Todd Minikus, Grand Prix Show Jumping rider from the U.S.


29 March 2016

We’re so pleased to present a new reseller in the U.K. – Sarah Richards, Nzuriequine. Click on the link to read more and to order your own Accuhorsemat


17 March 2016

We welcome our new reseller in Germany, OM-Profiline, an equestrian webshop for both the rider and the horse. OM-Profiline is owned by the German Internationel Show Jumping rider Oliver Mezger.

Peter Thomsen

8 December 2015

Peter Thomsen, Eventing rider for the German National Team and selected for the Olympics 2016, over Accuhorsemat:
”My experience of using the Accuhorsemat before training is that the horses become more supple and warmed up. I also noticed, specially after the cross-country tests, that the horses suffers less from muscle soreness and tensions. I also have the impression that the horses really likes the blanket.The Accuhorsemat is a very important tool for us and plays a big part for our competing successes. We therefore thank you so much!”, says Peter Thomsen,

Jeanna Champion of the Winners

30 November 2015

Our Profile rider Jeanna Högberg and Springbank VH (Skovens Rafael x De Niro, breeder Tobias Hansson, Västra Hoby Stuteri) won the Champion of the Winners at the Sweden International Horse Show.

Nicola Philippaerts

3 August 2015

Read what the world famous showjumper Nicola Philippaerts from Belgium thinks about Accuhorsemat!:
Nicola Philippaerts over Accuhorsemat - Philippaerts Network.
The idea of the accuhorsemat is a good concept for horses which have difficulty in relaxing at the start of their work. By using the Accuhorsemat I experience a noticeable difference for these types of horses and that is why I can recommend it to others as well.
An extra plus is the stimulation of the entire body’s blood circulation.

Billie Leanna

14 March 2015

Billie Leanna's having great experience of the Accuhorsemat:
Best blanket ever!
I've been using the Accuhorsemat on my 9-year old gelding for the last couple of weeks before the PRCA rodeos. Before, his muscles and back were always sore after roping at the rodeo and he wasn't working very good in the calf roping. But since I've been using the Accuhorsemat on him before and after each rodeo, he has won over 3,000 USD.
This is the best blanket. It has cut down on chiropractic visits and soreness for my horses.

Louise Svensson-Jähde

14 October 2014

Louise Svensson-Jähde, one of our upcoming Swedish Eventing Riders, uses Accuhorsemat. This is what she writes:
”I’ve used Accuhorsemat quite a long time now and I’m very pleased with the effects it has on my horses. I use the blanket every day after training to make them recover better. I also use it after travelling as I have noticed that it relaxes their muscles and that it starts the bloodcirculation much faster. My horses feel more supple and relaxed since I started using Accuhorsemat.”
Louise is also one of the three members in "RidetoRio", with the goal to ride in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.


3 October 2014

Acuswede is proud to be the North American distributor of the Accuhorsemat AB products. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Acuswede is dedicated to making our company North America’s leader in delivering athlete focused, fitness accessories to our customers.
We provide innovative solutions that contribute to fitness by improving an athlete’s ability to relax and recover, as our products reduce muscle tension and improve circulation.

If you have questions about our acupressure blanket for horses or our company, please contact us at:

PO BOX 18268
Boulder, CO 80308

Swana Inspection Tour

21 August 2014

We are very proud to be the sponsor of the Swana Inspection Tour in the US this year. Swana is the Swedish Warmblood Association in North America and as we are Swedish we are thrilled to have this extra focus on the Swedish Warmblood horses through the Swana Inspecton Tour. We have a great interest in a horse's wellbeing och always puts the horse's wellbeing first. We will have representatives present at all the inspection sites. Read more about Swana and the tour here


3 March 2014

Accuhorsemat welcomes Equipona as our new salespartner for the Benelux countries.
Equipona strives to bring out the best in your horse, both physically and mentally. From his love for horses, Vanherck Peter, founder of Equipona, started the training of shiatsu therapy on horses.

It soon became clear that this pressure point technique of Eastern origin had a beneficial effect on many horses and reduced specific or general complaints or even made them disappear completely.
- Therefore, the Accuhorsemat is an ideal product to incorporate into our current philosophy, sais Peter.
If you want more information see or mail

Duha, Dubai

23 January 2014

Accuhorsemat helped the horse ”Duha”, Desert Palm Riding School in Dubai, to recover from back pain.
Duha had blood circulation problems and stiff muscles on the back. The riding school had to let him rest. We offered them to try the Accuhorsemat acupressurblanket on Duha for about a month to see if it could help him to recover.

After twenty days of using Accuhorsemat regularly. Duha’s muscles had recovered and was soft and relaxed. He could go back to work. This is quite amazing and is also a perfect example that Accuhorsemat acupressureblanket works on horses.

The pictures below show how the acupressure points increases the bloodflow and how the horse gets warm and even sweaty when using Accuhorsemat. It also shows a happy Duha ready for the riding school again.
Doha efter 1IMG_5801
Doha efter 2
Doha efter 3

Dominika Krasko

30 December 2013

Read below what Accuhorsemat does to Dressage rider Dominika Krasko's Grand Prix horse:
"I've been using Accuhorsemat for a couple of months now. And I was impressed how it relaxes my very sensitive mare by Lord Loxley. She is a very talented dressage horse, but big, athletic, tense and quite a lady.

Using Accuhorsemat everyday, 40 minutes before the training, helped me to shorten the warm up time by half. Exercising became easier, her back is working much better, and she seems really happy wearing the blanket."
Dominika Krasko
Grand Prix dressage rider and Centurion Dressage Center owner, Poland

Hillevi Brasch

16 December 2013

Hillevi Brasch works together with Acuswede, our agent in North America. Hillevi has been a passionate equestrian for many years; she is a rider and a breeder with a M.Sc in Animal Science.

She has worked in the Swedish Warmblood industry for many years, specifically the Swedish Warmblood Association and Swede Horse. Hillevi recently relocated from Stockholm, Sweden to Sherwood, OR and is now looking forward to help introducing the Accuhorsemat to those of you who want to enhance the comfort of your working partners; your horses!

Liane testimonial

5 November 2013

Liane Wachtmeister, one of Swedish Dressage most respected profiles, about Accuhorsemat:
” I directly notice a difference when Donovan have had the Accuhorsemat rug on before riding. He get’s more relaxed and have more positive energy to work. His topline is softer and he listens better to my aids ", says Liane.

Liane also trains upcoming dressageriders in 'Plantskolan' which is part of Knytkalaset. Plantskolan's idea is to gather talented young riders and young seniors. Liane has ridden in many of the major championships and has trained horses and students up to Grand Prix level. Läs mer

Sylve Söderstrand/JumpClub and Head Coach

22 October 2013

’Fun with forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Accuhorsemat and their new product
’acupressurblanket for horses’.
It will be interesting to see what effects the blanket will have on the horses' well-being. Good initiative’, says Sylve Söderstrand, Jump Club and Head Coach for the Swedish national show jumping team.

In November, we begin the sponsor collaboration with Jump Club. We start up as the theme sponsor with interviews, articles, competitions etc. on

Our sponsor cooperation extends from November 2013 and throughout 2014. We will do several activities during the year together with Jump Club.

Great news!

1 July 2013

Great news!
At our customers' request, we present Accuhorsemat in two new color combinations:
Royal Blue (Size M) and Royal Blue with golden lining (size L).

After inquiries and requests we proudly present summer news from Accuhorsemat:

New colors!
Accuhorsemat is now available in two additional colors: Royal Blue (Size M) and Royal Blue with golden lining (size L). Note the small gold-colored horses at the rear of the blanket
The blanket comes in a matching bag, perfect for neat and easy storage in the stable or while traveling.

New ackupressuremats!
The new blue quilts are equipped with slightly softer spikemats, which follows the horse's body in a slightly better way than before. One result of continuous product development and a passion for horses welfare!

Karen Wild

10 June 2013

Read about Karen Wild from hands For Horses Sweden and her experience of the Accuhorsemat!

Clint Robinson

18 March 2013

Read about how Clint Robinson, U.S champion calf roper, uses Accuhorsemat

Sanna Jernström

16 January 2013

"I have used the Accuhorsemat-relaxblanket for a few months now. I normally use it after riding for faster recovery of the muscles."

Vignir Jonasson

29 May 2012

After a period of testing of Accuhorsemat, I can safely say that it makes my horses calm and also relaxes the muscles.

I will continue using Accuhorsemat because it´s clear to me that it makes my horses perform better.

Vignir Jonasson, International Icelandic Horse Champion Breeder & Trainer

Marina Axelson

2 April 2012

As an Fysiotherapist, I have now tested Accuhorsemat on four different horses during a two-week period.

As an Fysiotherapist, I have now tested Accuhorsemat on four different horses during a two-week period. Accuhorsemat gives a clear reaction on my horses such as increased heat and relaxation, plus that my horses show a happier mood. What I first noticed as I went for a ride straight after a treatment was that the horse initially seemed a little drowsy but with front-facing ears and an ”awake” expression. What became very obvious in the continued riding with examples from the different horses was a more energetic gallop, stronger sweating, softer neck, airier step, more alert and powerful gallop, very elastic in the over-line and more forward.
To me, Accuhorsemat is very good as a complement to horse massage, although done on separate days as I do not want to over-stimulate the horses. For my horses, I prefer to use the mat before a normal ride, not a strenuous ride since the mat gives an increase of the body temperature.
I prefer to start with one acupressure part of Accuhorsemat at a time with a treatment span of 15 minutes. With time, the treatment can increase up to 45-50 minutes. I think it is important to observe the horse during the treatment so that you can see if the horse shows signs of being uncomfortable such as twitching in the skin or moving around more. If that happens you should stop the treatment and continue another day.
I recommend Accuhorsemat be used on all healthy horses. Keep in mind though that all horses are individuals and react differently. Some are better to treat with the mat before riding and some are better to treat after riding. Everybody has to make their own assessment.

Marina Axelson-Callum, Fysiotherapist and headmaster of Axelson animalmassage school.