1 july 2011


4 December 2011

Accuhorsemat ® launches acupressure blanket for horses in partnership with Kauko "Kokko" Loumala

What does the biggest names in the Swedish equestrian world suddenly have in common? They use Accuhorsemat ®

Accuhorsemat® was founded with the vision of making all the horses in the world feel better. With the help of equitherapist Kauko ”Kokko” Luomala we have finally found the resolution: an acupressure blanket for horses called Accuhorsemat®.

Accuhorsemat® consists of a special designed summer blanket and a 11.000 pressure pads at the croup and shoulder area. The blankets are optimally designed to reach the horse’s most important acupuncture points. The material in the blanket is made out of environmentally friendly TPE and is recyclable. Accuhorsemat® is patent pending and design pending.

The Accuhorsemat® helps horse owners and care takers to release tension in their horses’ muscles and to increase the horses’ blood circulation, such as before and after a training session and contests. After just 10-15 minutes with an Accuhorsemat® changes in the horse's body and mind is noticeable.

"This is what the equestrian world has been waiting for, for 10 years”, says mats Ulriksson, Sales Manager for equestrian chain AB Lars Bidermans.

Tense musculature causes a horse pain, which will lead the horse to overcompensate the pain with unnatural movements. These harmful movements will lead to shorter stride length and decelerate the growth of the muscles. Our test results have shown that the Accuhorsemat® makes the horse calmer, as well as it softens the horse’s muscles. This treatment method also drives out destructive toxins and waste products stored in the muscles in a more accelerated pace.

"During all my years as a Equitherapist have a never bumped in to anything like this, with many tests made I can comfortingly say that horses should have an Accuhorsemat®, says Kokko.