Nicola Baur-Rona: Professional Dressage and Grand Prix rider, Austria

“I am using Accuhorsemat now for over a year on all my horses on a daily basis. It became part of our afternoon‘spa-ritual’: my horses are standing under the solarium with their Accuhorsemat and within a minute (often less) they are totally relaxed and snoozing. I feel it helps them recover faster after training. At competitions I also always have the Accuhorsemat with me,  first to keep up our daily routine but also after long transports and before training to warm up the muscles.”

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Louise Svensson-Jähde, eventing rider in the Swedish National squad, uses Accuhorsemat daily on her horses.  "I've used the Accuhorsmat for several months now and I can only say that I'm more than happy with the astonishing results. I use it daily after training but also after longer transportations as it increases the bloodcirculation much faster and makes their muscles warm. My horses feel more supple and relaxed since I started using the Accuhorsemat."

Carolien Reverdink, Grand Prix rider and trainer, Netherlands.

I am really happy with the Accuhorsemat!! 
My horse is a slow starter. We always made the joke that he is a diesel engine. 
Since I use the Accuhorsemat it feels that he is already warmed up when I start riding.
He feels much looser in his body and more relaxed but absolutely not slow.
I never start any training, riding or lunging, without using the Accuhorsemat.

AH_NPNicola Philippaerts over Accuhorsemat:

"The idea of the Accuhorsemat is a good concept for horses which have difficulty in relaxing at the start of their work. By using the Accuhorsemat I experience a noticeable difference for these types of horses and that is why I can recommend it to others as well. 

An extra plus is the stimulation of the entire body’s blood circulation."

Peter Thomsen 1Peter Thomsen, Eventing rider for the German National Team, over Accuhorsemat:

”My experience of using the Accuhorsemat before training is that the horses become more supple and warmed up. I also noticed, specially after the cross-country tests, that the horses suffers less from muscle soreness and tensions. I also have the impression that the horses really likes the blanket.The Accuhorsemat is a very important tool for us and plays a big part for our competing successes. We therefore thank you so much!”, says Peter Thomsen,

Skärmavbild 2012-07-30 kl. 10.49.06 Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard, Grand Prix Dressage rider and member of the Swedish dressage team: As an elite rider my horses are exposed continuously to high stresses. Both through competitions and training but also through transportation to and from competitions. Accuhorsemat have not only calmed down my horses but I also feel that they recover more quickly after training and competition.

Billie Leanna

Billie Leanna's having great experience of the Accuhorsemat:

Best blanket ever!
I've been using the Accuhorsemat on my 9-year old gelding for the last couple of weeks before the PRCA rodeos. Before, his muscles and back were always sore after roping at the rodeo and he wasn't working very good in the calf roping. But since I've been using the Accuhorsemat on him before and after each rodeo, he has won over 3,000 USD.
This is the best blanket. It has cut down on chiropractic  visits and soreness for my horses.

Dominika IMG_4459 web

Dressage rider Dominika Krasko:
"I've been using Accuhorsemat for a couple of months now. And I was impressed how it relaxes my very sensitive mare by Lord Loxley. She is a very talented dressage horse, but big, athletic, tense and quite a lady. Using Accuhorsemat everyday, 40 minutes before training, helped me to shorten the warm up time by half. Excercising became easier, her back is working much better and she seems really happy wearing the blanket"

Dominika Krasko, Grand Prix rider and owner of the Centurion Dressage Center, Poland


Liane Wachtmeister is one of Swedish Dressage most respected profiles and one of the trainers in Knytkalaset, founded by Kyra Kyrklund and Jan Brink. She uses Accuhorsemat daily on her horses:

"I directly notice when Donovan have had the Accuhorsemat on before riding. He's more relaxed and have more positive energy to work. He's more supple and he listens better to my aids", says Liane.

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"The Accuhorsemat® started showing results after a short time of use. I can now truly say the Accuhorsemat® makes my horses calmer, and much more relaxed in their musculature. I will continue to use the Accuhorsemat® as I clearly see that the Accuhorsemat® do my horses good."

Vignir Jonasson, Icelandic Rider, Breeder and Trainer. Winner of EM, NM, SM-Landsmót medals.



"For horses to perform to their potential it is essential that the horses’ health and well-being in top shape. With the Accuhorsemat® the horses blood circulation increases and the musculature becomes fully relaxed. The horses really enjoy the Accuhorsemat®."

Fredrik Spetz, Elite Jumper.

"I put the Accuhorsemat on my 21-year-old quarterhorse, Primo for 30-45 minutes every morning for the four weeks leading up to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in December 2012, and every morning during the 10-day competition. Primo also wore it for 10-15 minutes right before we competed in calf-roping each evening and clearly showed more energy, flexibility and overall well-being as a result. Primo and I wholeheartedly endorse the Accuhorsemat."

Clint Robinson, U.S champion calf roper
Spanish Fork, Utah

"I have tried the Accuhorsemat® on my own racehorses as well as when I am treating horses in my Equitherapy work. The horses feel fully relaxed both physically and mentally. The outcome of using the Accuhorsemat® surprised me and I can warmly recommend it. The Accuhorsemat® does not cure any diseases but gives the horse a feeling of well-being and increases blood circulation, which is good for all horses. All horses are worth an Accuhorsemat® and I think it is a good investment."

Ingela Persson, Equitherapist.

"I have used the Accuhorsemat® for some time now and been present during Kauko "Kokko" Luomala’s treatments. My wife Magdalena Siminski uses the Acuuhorsemat® in her business as a professional trot-horse trainer. The effects of the Accuhorsemat® have honestly surprised me. The most noteworthy is how all horses react equally to the Accuhorsemat® when it has been placed for a few minutes on the horse. Even the most tense and nervous horses relax, shut their eyes, and drop their lower lip. It is a moment of delight for those owners and caretakers to get the horses down to earth and see their horses become significantly more harmonious. In addition, I have observed that the movement pattern on many of the horses has improved. Horses which previously were tense when moving, work more loosely and get a better ground covering action. I will continue to use the Accuhorsemat® and I recommend it warmly to all horse owners who want their horses well-being to increase, both physically and mentally."

Mats Ulriksson, Sales Manager at Lars Biderman AB.

"I have used the Accuhorsemat® before and after training sessions and contests. When the Accuhorsemat® is placed on the horses back, they all seemed skeptical towards it at first. However, just after 7-8 minutes I noticed how the horses yawn and lower their head, become relaxed, and enter a harmonic state. After the treatment, the horses have softer muscles, especially those in the back, which is noticeable when riding them. The Accuhorsemat® treatment has proven to increase blood circulation, softening of the muscles and therefore contributing to better responsiveness in the commands. Even after a training session or contest it is important to increase the horse’s blood circulation to increase the efficiency of the recovery period, which the Accuhorsemat® has righteously proven to do. Last but not least the Accuhorsemat® is easy to keep clean and the Accuhorsemat® itself is light, so cleaning it is not difficult."

Marianne Brolin, Amateur Rider.

"I have used the Accuhorsemat-relaxblanket for a few months now. I normally use it after riding for faster recovery of the muscles. My horse is very clear about what she likes and dislikes and I can really tell that she loves this blanket. She shows that she knows what will happen when I take it out. After just a few minutes with the Accuhorsemat on, she starts to snort and yawn. she closes her eyes and looks like she'll fall asleep., I let her stand with the Accuhorsemat on for 30-40 minutes while I clean up or take care of the equipment., I have always an eye on her. I usually stroke with my hand lightly over the accupressureplates to stimulate and provide a little extra pressure. She clearly shows that she thinks it's good. In recent weeks she has started to "help" herself with a little more pressure. She leans against the door frame or wall and press herself against it to get a little more pressure, as seen in the movie here. So she does often when she gets the Accuhorsemat on. This is really a great product for relaxing my horse. I can strongly recommend it. "

Sanna Jernström
Horseowner in Stockholm, Sweden

"Since the horse is reacting immediately to the acupuncture pads on the Accuhorsemat®, the horse may appear nervous. After a few minutes the horse starts to yawn, lower its head and looks tired as it becomes more relaxed. I'm actually surprised at how relaxed the horse gets during the "treatment period". When the Accuhorsemat® is removed, it is obvious where the acupressure pads were in contact with the horse’s body because visual sweat marks are created on those areas. This clearly shows some given form of stimulation."

Mette Hansson, Veterinarian, Specialist in horse diseases. 

"At the stable Pegasus, East Hedemora in Sweden, we use the Accuhorsemat® both before and after riding the horses. The horses recover quicker and become softer and more flexible in their musculature. We use the Accuhorsemat® on our racehorses, and also on our 25 lodge horses, all of which have shown health improvements. The big bonus part is that the horses love the Accuhorsemat®, and enjoy it to 100% and become completely relaxed using it. I would surely recommend the Accuhorsemat® to all horse owners."

Sanna Ljungstedt, Stall Pegasus.