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Acupressure for your horse

Let your horse benefit from acupressure, an ancient treatment for relaxation, recovery and pain relief.

With Accuhorsemat® the blood circulation increases as well as the release of endorphins, 'happiness hormones'. Use Accuhorsemat at the stable for a moment of total relaxation, before or after riding for better performance or recovery, before transportation to get your horse calm, relaxed tand prepared for travel. Or use it after transportation to let the bloodcirculation help the horse recover and relax after a sometimes sresssful journey.

Accuhorsemat helps you and your horse to better performance, anywhere you go.

Now you can buy extra back acupressure mats.
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‘We use the Accuhorsemat in our daily routine. They love this after work spa treatment - even very sensitive horses learn after a few times how relaxing the blanket is for them. I especially like that the blanket works without electricity or extras.'

Nicola Baur-Rona, Grand Prix rider and trainer, Austria


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