Accuhorsemat® Wellness to go. Relax your horse to wellness and better performance.

Use before training to make your horse calm, relaxed and ready for work. Or after training and competition for faster recovery and relaxation. Let your horse enjoy the effects of Accuhorsemat ­­– increased performance and wellness, anywhere you go.


Meet our Teamriders


Louise Romeike (Svensson-Jähde)

Louise, born 1990, is one of the top eventing riders in Sweden. Born and raised in Kävlinge outside of Lund in southern Sweden

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Nicola Baur-Rona

Nicola is a professional dressage rider based in the Austrian Alps (Bad Gastein). She runs her own training stable, Stall Wetzlgut, for client’s dressage horses, where she schools them from youngsters up to GP level.

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Carolin Rutberg

Carolin, born 1978, has been riding since the age of 7. She got her first horse at 14 and since then there´s always been a horse in her life, training for different coaches.

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 "I've used the Accuhorsmat for several years now and I can only say that I'm more than happy with the astonishing results. I use it daily after training but also after longer transportations as it increases the bloodcirculation much faster and makes the muscles warm. My horses feel more supple and relaxed...

Louise Romeike Professional Eventing rider in the Swedish National squad.


‘We use the Accuhorsemat in our daily routine. They love this after work spa treatment - even very sensitive horses learn after a few times how relaxing the blanket is for them. I especially like that the blanket works without electricity or extras. For me it is very important to keep up our routines...

Nicola Baur-Rona Professional Dressage rider, Austria


"I am really happy with the Accuhorsemat!! My horse is a slow starter. Since I use the Accuhorsemat it feels that he is already warmed up when I start riding. He feels much looser in his body and more relaxed but absolutely not slow. I never start any training, riding or lunging, without using the Accuhorsemat....

Carolien Reverdink Professional rider and trainer, Netherlands


”My experience of using the Accuhorsemat before training is that the horses become more supple and warmed up. I also noticed, specially after the cross-country tests, that the horses suffers less from muscle soreness and tensions. I also have the impression that the horses really likes the blanket.The...

Peter Thomsen Professional Eventing rider for the German National Team.


'With the Accuhorsemat you can ensure you’re a step ahead of the competition with increased delivery of oxygen to the muscles. The Accuhorsemat works from a prevention, maintenance and treatment standpoint and is an exciting tool to integrate into a performance horses routine before and after tacking...

Dr. Cierra Dedeker Peak Performance Equine Veterinary Services, USA


'The idea of the Accuhorsemat is a good concept for horses which have difficulty in relaxing at the start of their work. By using the Accuhorsemat I experience a noticeable difference for these types of horses and that is why I can recommend it to others as well. An extra plus is the stimulation of the...

Nicola Philippaerts Show jumping rider, Belgium


'I can feel the difference when Donovan has used Accuhorsemat prior to my ride. He is more relaxed, full of positive energy, and very responsive to my signals.I can also see that his overline has become softer.'

Liane Wachtmeister Swedish Grand Prix rider and Dressage trainer


'I've been using Accuhorsemat for quite a while now and I'm impressed how it relaxes my very sensitive and tense mare. Using Accuhorsemat everyday before training, helped me to shorten the warm up time by half. Exercising became easier and she seems really happy wearing the blanket.'

Dominika Krasko Dressage rider, Centurion Dressage Center, Poland


'I put the Accuhorsemat on my 21-year-old quarterhorse, Primo for 30-45 minutes every morning before competing in the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas 2012, and every morning during the 10-day competition. Primo also wore it for 10-15 minutes right before we competed and clearly showed more energy,...

Clint Robinson U.S Champion calf roper, Utah, USA


'Best blanket ever! I've been using the Accuhorsemat on my gelding before the rodeos. Before, his muscles and back were sore after the rodeo and he wasn't working very good in the calf roping. But since I've been using the Accuhorsemat before and after each rodeo, he has won over 3,000 USD. This is the...

Billie Leanna Calf roper rider, USA