About Accuhorsemat@

For the love of all horses.
A horse will always try to do its best for you. That is why we have made it our mission to help them. Our vision is for all horses to be healthy, so they can perform at their best.


To make this possible we worked with hundreds of horses together with an experienced equine therapist. The result is Accuhorsemat®, an acupressure blanket for horses, that reduces tension, speeds up recovery and relives pain. Easy to use, easy to bring along. That´s why we call it wellness to go, an idea born out of our love for horses. 

Max Hoffman, CEO at Accuhorsemat AB, knew that the Acupressure mats made for people had made amazing results, and came to the conclusion that they should be beneficial for horses as well. The entrepreneur in him kicked in, and in 2011 the journey of developing and testing a specially designed product for horses began. 


Designed and developed in Sweden

Almost 100 horses and 12 months later, Accuhorsemat® was released, helping horses improve both wellness and performance. 

'We are proud to see great results from dressage, jumping and eventing elite. As well as from many competing amateurs. Our products are used on a daily basis and loved by riders, trainers and horse owners from Europe to the US.Our fastest growing market is Germany. And we look forward to helping horses all over the world to perform better with wellness and harmony.'

In 2013, Sanna Jernström joined the company as Marketing Manager and Partner. Sanna is an experienced rider with a lifelong passion for horses.Her marketing know-how and love for horses proved to be a winning combination. Today, Accuhorsemat is improving the performance and life for horses and riders worldwide. 


Be part of our journey to help all horses 

Start by getting your Accuhorsemat® here today. You can test it to experience the results yourself­ – all our products comes with a 30 days open purchase guarantee. Share your history and stay tuned with us on Instagram and Facebook.