Carolin Rutberg

Carolin, born 1978, has been riding since the age of 7. She got her first horse at 14 and since then there´s always been a horse in her life, training for different coaches.


Today, Peter Duvfeldt is her regular trainer. Her early pony years were successful with several placements in dressage and jumping. But in May 1998 she got ill, being diagnosed with MS in October 2003.

For years she refused to see herself as ill. But after a competition and meeting another disabled person, she finally did the mandatory classification to see what degree of disability she had. It came as a chock to find out that she graded 3 on a scale 1-4.

 'Our goal is the Paralympics, Tokyo 2020'

A new world opened up as I was allowed to use my aids at regular competitions. I started to place myself among the top performances and competing was fun again”. In 2006, she made the National Team and was on her way to her first international competition in Denmark. In 2013, her new horse Mirage, gelding born 2005 (Florencio I), proved to be a great partner. The communication flows beautifully between horse and rider. The team has since placed well, in Sweden and International competitions. Caroline has five Gold medals from the Swedish Championship and is looking forward to the 2020 Paralympics.