Louise Romeike (Svensson-Jähde)

Louise, born 1990, is one of the top eventing riders in Sweden. Born and raised in Kävlinge outside of Lund in southern Sweden


Her mother´s passion for eventing got Louise on the path, although her heart was first set on training and riding racing horses.

Several years ago, Louise relocated to Germany working for Peter Thomsen, multiple Championships medallist and a German National Team rider. Riding and training as part of the Team Thomsen proved successful but also challenging. During 2016 Louise had a serious accident with a long rehabilitation.

 'I´m living my dream'

However, come 2017 Louise took a big step toward the elite, as top Swede in the World Championships at Tryon and winner of the Silver Medal at the European Championships as part of the Swedish national Team. In 2018 Louise married eventing rider Claas Romeike.The couple runs their own eventing stable based in Germany. Louise keep setting her goals high and is now part of the Olympic Committee's Top & Talent program for the Olympics in 2020.

Louise is a lovely, warm and extremely professional rider. Her top horses are: Waikiki, mare (Quinar Sila) and Wielocks Utah Sun, mare (Limbus Cor de la Bryère).