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Accuhorsemat Original (with new acupressure on the back)

329,00 EUR



News to ease the back!

The Accuhorsemat blanket now comes with Velcro on both sides along the spine. So you can use the smaller acupressure mats along this area too. Let your horse enjoy increased blood circulation to ease sore long back muscles. Enjoy the new flexibility. Your horse will love you even more.

 The Accuhorsemat Original nylon blanket has front closures in velcro for better fitting and faster removal and  includes 1 Original nylon blanket, 2 acupressure mats for the shoulder or the back, 1 hindquarter acupressure mat and one bag for storage.

Accuhorsemat® is designed for horses, with three removable acupressure mats at work. An optimal design for the major muscle groups and meridians, triggering some 11,000 pressure points.    

Care instructions
The blanket is made out of beaver nylon and the straps are made of synthetic/cotton blend. The blanket (without the acupressure pads) can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). 
The acupressure pads are made of environmentally friendly TPE and are water resistant. The material is very hygienic and easy to rinse. After rinsing, hang them to dry. Do not tumble dry.